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Named for the charcoal kilns plentiful in the area at the time of the great lumber mills of Hancock County on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Kiln is best known for growing professional athletes and its distilleries.  Once basketball was king in the Kiln, now it's Brett Favre and Packer football (Favre's hometown.)  Once it was "white lightin" moonshine and now it's Magnolia Brewery.

Steeped in a history of hard work by lumbermen and farmers the Kiln is now world famous for its Most Valuable Player and the Broke Spoke (a local bar), the hard work still continues in a variety of areas, especially breeding and training race and show horses.  One of Mississippi's largest equine centers is located in Kiln.  Jeans and boots are the dress code and 'cheeseheads' are expected to visit.

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